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Knight OP Pro Pump - 4 Product

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Price: $849.70
Knight OP Pro, 4 Product Liquid Dispenser w/ OP Pro Remote Control, SIB, w/ pumps (24 VDC)

Benefit:  With the OP Pro series you gain more flexilbiity with more programs and dosing cababilities verses the One-Shot pump.  This pump enables you to have multiple programs and dosing for cleaning PPE and other station laundry.  You may have programs for PPE, Towels, Station Wear, etc with variations on temperature and level of contamination.Laundry Chemical Dosing System for On-Premise Washers

The On-Premise Pro is a versatile unit that has multiple programming options depending on the type of laundry controller that is chosen for the unit. The On-Premise Pro utilizes the same main control and pump housing for the three available models: OP Pro Relay, OP Pro, and the OP Pro Global. The On-Premise Pro uses well proven components and familiar technology in a chemical dispensing unit that is now designed to be more serviceable, interchangeable, versatile, and modular. It has never been easier to choose a dispenser that fits your needs.

With the addition of the OP Pro remote to the base unit, the OP Pro offers more programming capability. The OP Pro utilizes proven  reliable technology and controls of the On-Premise Plus remote  with the addition of auto-formula select (AFS). With 8 wash formula capability, the OP Pro is ideal to service small on-premise facitlites.

Programming Features

Signal Lockout Drain Mode
Flush Mode One to One
User Access Code Analog Display
Calibrate Pumps Delay Times
Prime Pumps Two Levels Per Wash Formula
Normal Signal Mode Auto Formula Select (AFS)

Installation:  Self install or find a local technician to perform the installation.  Contact Gear Wash at 866-657-0111 for assistance.

OP Pro Manual

Item Number: 50-7071504
Manufacturer: Knight- Idex
Manufacturer Part No: 7071504

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